Saint Joseph’s Oratory, an emblem of the neighborhood!

Published on: 28 July 2022 | Category: Tourism

In addition to being on the list of the tallest churches in the world, did you know that Saint Joseph’s Oratory is one of the most visited sacred places on the planet?

Following the Pope’s visit to Canada, La Presse explains that, since 2019, the number of people planning to visit a sacred place has increased significantly. La Presse also points out that the commercial sector is benefiting from the positive impact of the increase in the number of visitors to such places. Good news for our local businesses, who will undoubtedly be benefiting from the St-Joseph’s Oratory’s presence in our territory! Towering over majestic Mount Royal, the Oratory welcomes an average of nearly two million visitors a year.

Although many visitors go there for religious tourism purposes, this monument also attracts tourists, such as locals, to go there to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city from the top of the basilica.

The Oratory in «big» building site

The Oratory, which is still open to visitors, is currently under construction for its major development project. A project certified according to sustainable construction standards at the end of which will be built a new reception pavilion, a new structure for the carillon and a pedestrian square. The landscaping in front of the Oratory will also provide a greener setting with the elimination of paved areas and the increase of green spaces offering an even more grandiose experience.

Another novelty that will emerge at the top of the Oratory is nothing less than the highest window in the city. Located 243 meters above sea level, this observation tower will offer panoramic views of the city of Montreal from the top of the dome of the basilica. All this with the purpose of preserving and enhancing the architectural heritage.

However, work has been delayed due to archaeological finds on the site. Reflecting centuries of Indigenous presence in Montreal, the excavations included the discovery of artifacts dating back to 600 years, before the arrival of the Europeans. This led to archaeological work that involved the Kahnawake Council.

Good to know!

If you are preparing to visit the Oratory, a Spiritual Itinerary has been set up specially for you. This itinerary of about 1.5 km will take you to seven destinations in the neighborhood. A short trip during which you will have the chance to discover and taste and the unmissable places of the territory.

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