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Published on: 5 April 2022 | Category:

In our ultra-connected society, when you encounter a technical problem with your smartphone or computer, you need to urgently find a good computer and electronics store! 

Here is a selection of good addresses located on Côte-des-Neiges:

​​Repair Squad  is a good specialist for the maintenance of your phones, tablets, computers and laptops. Whether it is for your screens, batteries, charging ports, etc., they can fix more than 100 different models

Founded in 1997, Electro-Tec offers excellent electronic repair services for your phones and computers.

Total-tech is offering specialized services such as phone unlocking, televisions repairs, smartphone screens and sells used electronics.
Please also note that at Renaud-Bray, you will find many accessories for your electronic devices such as earphones, headphones, cases and supports for your laptops.

Find your local businesses :


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