The SDC Côte-des-Neiges launches the #JaimeCDN project!

Published on: 7 July 2020 | Category: News

The Société de développement commercial SDC Côte-des-Neiges is proud to launch the #JaimeCDN project and movement. The #JaimeCDN initiative follows the various actions carried out by the SDC Côte-des-Neiges during the Covid-19 pandemic and is part of its recovery plan for the year 2020, which complements progressive deconfinement measures. Thanks to #JaimeCDN, the SDC Côte-des-Neiges wishes to support the 230 businesses and companies on its territory by specifically accompanying them in their relaunch, in addition to offering an attractive neighbourhood that’ll improve and shift the visitor’s experience to the new reality.

#JaimeCDN – a participatory movement

For the unveiling of the #JaimeCDN project, the SDC Côte-des-Neiges invites citizens to join its brand new movement! Starting today until July 31, those who wish to show their love for the neighbourhood will be able to do so by submitting a short video with the message “J’aime Côte-des-Neiges’’. Using their phone or computer, those interested will be able to capture their short video and adopt the pronoun of their choice (I love CDN, we love CDN, they love CDN, and more) to accompany their message. The SDC Côte-des-Neiges encourages all citizens who care about the neighborhood to participate and also encourages them to use gender-neutral pronouns such as “they”, if they wish to do so. “We want everyone to feel represented in this video so that it evokes the voices of the neighbourhood and those who care for it!” says Félicia Balzano, Executive Director of the SDC Côte-des-Neiges.

Eco-friendly delivery, coaching, relaunch kit and signage amongst others

Composed of four main axes, the project features initiatives such as: neighbourhood delivery, signage on the territory, coaching for members to promote the digital shift and the deployment of a relaunch kit for members, which will also be useful to enhance the visitor experience. With these four actions, the #JaimeCDN project comes at the right time for the summer period, which deals with deconfinement and the relaunch of businesses. The actions deployed will benefit the SDC Côte-des-Neiges’ members as well as visitors, residents and workers in the territory.

Neighbourhood delivery to encourage local businesses

The Neighbourhood Delivery implemented as part of the #JaimeCDN project will be environmentally friendly, affordable for customers, simple for merchants, will promote sustainable mobility in the neighbourhood and will encourage shopping in local businesses. Côte-des-Neiges residents will now be able to order products from their favorite merchants in the territory covered by the SDC Côte-des-Neiges in the comfort of their home. As initiator of this project for the neighbourhood, the SDC Côte-des-Neiges will promote it to residents in addition to proposing the solution to its members. The delivery service will be provided in collaboration with partners such as Jalon MTL and Courant Plus. As of today, interested merchants will be able to inform the SDC Côte-des-Neiges of their interest to join this program and benefit from a promotional campaign. Neighbourhood Delivery will be launched and become officially accessible to residents later this summer. The list of participating merchants will be announced at the same time.

Signage on the territory

The signage that will be created as part of the #JaimeCDN project will be designed to foster a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood, promote the local commercial offering, provide a safer experience for visitors and beautify the area by making it more attractive to residents. The various installation phases will begin this summer, and continue throughout fall and winter of 2020.

An adapted visit experience thanks to a relaunch kit

As of mid-July, the SDC Côte-des-Neiges will distribute to its 230 member-businesses a relaunch kit consisting of floor stickers, posters promoting safe habits and a bottle of disinfectant from a Quebec brand. A digital relaunch kit will also be made available for members. In collaboration with its neighbourhood partners, including Imprimerie CDN and the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough, the SDC Côte-des-Neiges wants to provide access to a free relaunch kit to help businesses offer a more reassuring shopping experience to their customers.

Digital shift thanks to member’s coaching

Although member coaching is not new to a Société de développement commercial, this time, coaching will take on a whole new form. The SDC Côte-Côte-des-Neiges will offer its entrepreneur members free training and individual coaching sessions. The objective is clear: to equip businesses with the tools they need for their relaunch, but more importantly, to enable them to take a step towards a stronger online presence.

A project to build the future

The SDC Côte-des-Neiges’ #JaimeCDN project was made possible thanks to the support of the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough and its program Fonds d’urgence local de développement économique COVID-19 – Financial support for organizations helping businesses and enterprises.The SDC Côte-des-Neiges is very pleased to be able to count on the support of its borough. The involvement of our cities is essential in times of crisis to help commercial arteries recover and implement specific actions to address the new challenges they face,” said Félicia Balzano, Executive Director of the SDC Côte-des-Neiges. The project will continue until December, with hopes to extend it into 2021. “In a period of recovery, it is imperative to develop actions and to be able to sustain them in the future. This is what we hope to achieve with the #JaimeCDN project-movement and we hope that several partners will join us in order to ensure that the positive results continue over time,” explains Virginia Tiseo, President of the Board of Directors of the SDC Côte-des-Neiges and owner of the McCarold Pub and MC Hall reception hall.

The #JaimeCDN project is an integral part of the SDC Côte-des-Neiges recovery plan, which will deploy several other projects and actions this year on its territory and online. Already throughout the pandemic, the SDC Côte-des-Neiges has doubled its efforts to promote businesses and has deployed several promising projects for its neighbourhood, including the complete overhaul of its website, as well as the creation of a free tool for entrepreneurs with, and the creation of an intranet for its members, to name but a few.


Thanks to our partners

SDC Côte-des-Neiges counts on the support of its annual partners and thanks them: the Ville de Montréal, the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Borough, the 230 merchants and professionals members of the SDC, as well as CISM 89.3.

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